Now available in French!

Wolfskin's Curse: Now Available in French!

With the help of a fan, Wolfskin's Curse is now fully available in french. Thank you very much, Jean-Yves! As a commemoration, Tamafry has drawn Edwin and Ilona in the folk costumes of Plougastel, located in Brittany. 

We hope that this translation will extend the audience to the french-speaking countries of the world. 

If anyone else would like to contribute a translation in another language, please do not hesitate to reach out to! 

Thank you once again for the support of this project, from both Tamafry and the team. 

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merci ^^ sa fait du bien de pas être en mode traduction surtout pour résoudre un mystere


I may not speak French, but the illustration here is absolutely lovely. <3