Directors Guidebook and Prints!

Hi everyone! Tama here.

With Winter Game Jam coming up, I wanted to give a quick update. There will be nothing major planned for Wolfskin's Curse during the holiday season, but I will be working as an artist on another project, which I will be very excited about. The only thing I will give away is that I will be doing some creature designs. Look forward to it! I will be sure to keep an eye out if anyone on the team will be involved in any projects, and will be sure to give an update so you can check them out.

The main goal for the Wolfskin's Curse team is to get the music polished up for something that I had planned. This is something that's been on the backburner. It's been a pretty long year and when 2022 comes around I'd like to take a breather before setting new goals. 

I've had the assistance of a friend in transcribing a melody from the game. Can you recognize what it is? 😊

Let's dive into the dev log's subject now! Onto the main announcement...

Director's Guidebook

Director's Guidebook is out! Click the image to read it.

I have been working on releasing a series of essays documenting my process as the director for Wolfskin's Curse. With Winter VN Game Jam on its way, I hope that this can be of help to anyone who may need advice and tools on how to direct a project. 

Parts I and II are up. The guide so far covers general advice on directing a team and pointers on directing art and story.  The next part should detail the process of directing music, so look forward to it! Within the guidebook, you can also find the Google Sheets organizer I used to keep everything together.

Read the guidebook here!

Prints are released!

Click here to visit the collection!
Some of the artwork for Wolfskin's Curse is released on my Inprnt shop, and today is the last day of their sale! If you're interested, be sure to check it out!

25% off Promo Code: I9H7JQSY 

Werewolf CG 1

Werewolf CG 2

Final CG

That's it from me. Thanks for reading and to any Winter VN Game Jam participants out there, good luck!

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