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I love visual novels and werwolfs so when a friend told me about Wolfskins Curse I had to try it. 

The game is free and still has great voice acting, characters and more. 

I didnt like 2 things:

1) The ending didnt work for me. I dont want to spoil anything so i wont say why but it has something to do with the story. I dont really mind what happens to the main characters at the end it was something else before that.

2)  I thought that theres gonna be more werwolf stuff going on but not really. It was more like a 2 hour crime movie with a werwolf for like 5 minutes so really sad.

I still loved the game and im sad that its not longer.

If you like visual novels you have to check this out. You gonna have fun for 1-2 hours and you wont regret it.

This is the first time  playing a game with voice acting , and it's awesome and I hope the team doing well.and thanks you all ;)


This was very nice! Voice acting was such a surprise and it was very well done too! Edwin's voice especially :D It was sexy and growly which considering him being a werewolf was perfect! I hate sad endings though that's my only complaint. A happy ending here would have been so awesome but alas.


Thank you so much for your feedback, Sultrygamer! I'm a sucker for sad endings myself, but I understand the appeal and joy upon reaching a happy end. 


I usually don't do kinetic VNs, but I'm glad I read this one. Very nicely done. The mystery was engaging, the artwork and music beautiful, the voice acting well done, and the ending bittersweet. Thanks to the whole team for their work on this!

Thank you for giving our VN a try! I'm really happy you enjoyed it!


I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this game, both good and bad, but I won't bother leaving negativity amongst a sea of glowing reviews. I will, however, ask for one small favour: please add "suicidal ideation" as one of your content warnings, because neither I nor my friends in chat were prepared for it when it happened in the game, and it was deeply upsetting. Thank you for your hard work and consideration.

Thank you for mentioning this. I think it is super important to have proper warnings for games such as these. I was negatively surprised by a suicidal character in another game I played. I will brace myself such as I attempt to play this one. Hopefully it is not too triggering! 


this is beautiful and well written, not to mention the voice actors are great so it could pass a good audio book too hehe!

i hope you guys consider to make another game in the future ❤️


Thank you so much! I would like to replenish my creative energy to see if I can take this project further. Comments like these help me to keep going!


Kellac: Wait, why do you ask him to transform? What do you do when he's a werewolf?

Ilona: It's......a secret.


In all seriousness, I'm really enjoying the voice acting and story telling in this game! It's hard to believe it was only made in a single month!


Sus indeed...

Thank you! It was a large team and a very intense month! I'm glad I was able to get everything done, but it feels like I'm still going through the recovery period! 


I loved it! Thank you so much for the game.

The art looks great, the music is nice and the voice actors are amazing!

I made a little 3-part series of this and tried my best to do it well. My videos don't have commentary or facecam or anything but... I did my best to go through all the acts with focus.

Part 1. Parts 2 & 3 will be released in a few days!

Thank you so much! 

I really appreciate your videos as well. No need to apologize for no commentary or facecam, I'm honoured that someone would go and stream or make a video series of my game. 


Wait, Wait I have so many questions! what really happen that night ! please tell me you plan to do more ! i loved this game so much the voice actor for Edwin for sure had me blushing this was all amazing!


I was very much considering if a follow-up of the game would be of interest, so I'm pleased to hear your feedback! I'd love to tackle it when I feel like I am more adept at writing. 

And I passed your praises onto Conner Howard, he very much appreciates your kind words! Believe me, I was also blushing when I was listening to his voice lines...

so if there are no branching choices, who is the love interest

Follow your heart!

For the game dev team, we're quite enamoured with Anari, but Eisleigh's cute appealed to us all!


I loved this game! The story, the art, and the voice acting - it all was delightful! Good job :)

Thank you very much! I'm pleased you enjoyed it!


this game was beautifully made, and the voice acting was great. i liked that i didn't have to make any choices because i loved seeing how the characters think and act on their own, it added to the effect as if i was watching a movie or reading a book.

 i may or may not have cried at the end though lol


Thank you very much for your kind feedback!

I took a bit of a vacation from this project just to recharge myself, so apologies for the long delay in replying. I really enjoy kinetic novels myself! I do agree that I get a different kind of immersion, like reading a book or watching a movie. 

And it's okay if you cried or didn't cry! As long as you had a good time!

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Aaaah I can't thank you enough for the wonderful game that you all created. The art, the voice acting and the audio were just tasteful. I liked the bittersweet ending but it left me craving for more. I was actually expecting a time traveling event after the credits where the protagonists return to the starting point before entering the village and where they keep all their memories only this time they will be prepared for what will happen and they will outsmart the true mastermind. Anari and Salome were both for me such intriguing characters and I wished to know their backgrounds more. All and all this game definitely deserves its 5 stars.

Also another question : is there a reason why Ilona is the only one with the pronoun "they" in the description ?


Thank you very much for your feedback!

I too would like to expand on this more! I would have to think about logistics first, but what you brought up is also what I have been pondering about. We'll try to keep fans updated on what we're doing.

As for Ilona using she/they pronouns: Good catch! For consistency in reading, we stuck with 'she'.  Even though Ilona is feminine-presenting, she is figuring out her gender identity and feels comfortable being referred to as 'they'.  

In dialogue, Ilona has either more angry or annoyed expressions when Anari consistently refers to Ilona as 'woman' or 'sister'. It's perhaps a bit too subtle, especially with Anari's typically hostile interactions!


omg y'all did a great job with this game ;; i'm floored all of you were able to make this for a single game jam, it's really impressive just how effectively you were able to make such a polished VN in just a month! lovely writing, lovely characters, lovely art, and very appealing VO as well uwu Team Edwin for LIFE ;;;O;;;


Thank you so much TinySamm! I had a lot of time on my hands and many friends willing to help out, hahaha!

I adored Scary Gourmet as well for doing a charming story just by using a single background and a core cast of characters!


Wonderfully written, beautifully styled, and very polished... I was impressed this game was made in only a month! Loved the voice acting especially, and look forward to playing future games! 

Thank you very much! I was astounded you included this entry into your recommendations on VN Game Den. I appreciate it!

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The performance from the voice actors is possibly the most stand-out element of this kinetic novel as nearly every character is well cast and delivering an excellent performance. It was easy to see the work put into making this novel a pleasant audio experience. Some story threads remaining unsolved felt a little unsatisfying, but I enjoyed getting immersed in the tail of this tragic duo. 


I am so pleased someone recognized the sound design for Wolfskin's Curse! I love my sound effects, and the team made sure that the voice acting, mastering and line cutting was as close as perfect to possible. All music tracks have also been mixed and mastered, too. 

After art direction, I think the audio direction was the other component that was given the most priority. Thank you very much for noticing that! 

I understand that the open-ended nature of the mystery story may be dissatisfying but thank you for letting me know. I'd like to release a more complete version of this at some point!


Hi! Very excited to try this as an Android build on my Samsung tablet. I ran into a bit of trouble though. It downloaded as an aab file, which I couldn't open. I was prompted to search for an app that could inst it, but the only one I could find on Playstore that would handle it easy Universal Installer, with a purple logo. Everything else was for installing APKs. I tried Universal Installer but they have a paywall at 75mb. So I got a bit stuck there. Is there a way to make this an apk file?  It seems those are a lot more common for installation apps on Google. Unfortunately Android doesn't seem able to do it right off the bat, at least not on my tablet device. I can attempt it on my phone this weekend.

Hi Fall Right!

I was worried about not releasing this as a .apk, so we've also uploaded the .apk version to address this issue! It should be available the downloads.

Hope you get to enjoy the game soon! 

Awesome!  I'm really excited to try it, and I think it's very cool you went for an Android release.


This was such a beautifully crafted experienced. Everything from the art to the VA is high quality, and the story delivers both a heartwrenching romance and an engaging murder mystery. Really impressive for something created in such a short amount of time, and certainly one of my favourites out of all kinetic novels I've played so far! <3


Thank you very much for your thoughts and comments! I'm really glad to hear that this was one of your favourite kinetic novels that you've played and that it was still engaging despite no branching paths or choices!


I just finished this, and I very much enjoyed this story! I really appreciated the amount of thorough thought put into the investigation and plot. The voice acting and music was also a pleasure to hear. Thank you for making this visual novel.


And thank you for putting down your thoughts :)


Thank you very much for your wonderful comment! I'm really touched by your thoughts about the music, voice acting and plot! 


I've long been a fan of your work and have been following the development on Twitter. You really do pull out all the stops. I absolutely adore Eisleigh's design <3

Cheering you on now and in future!

Tama's art really is brilliant, and it looks like we have another Eisleigh fan!

Eisleigh is adored within our dev team as well! Thanks for playing and for your kind comment!


I played this on stream the other day with a friend and had a great time!

The characters were wonderful, especially Ilona, Edwin, and Eisleigh. Those three were my favourites. All of the character art was beautiful, and the background art was especially enchanting. The texture work in the brushstrokes kept catching my eyes and the lovely lighting on each one.

The murder mystery aspect of the story was very engaging. There were a lot of little twists and red herrings - although I will admit not entirely following what the motives of the true villains in the end. (but that may be because we were goofing off a little during the stream haha)

It does make me a little sad that the investigation or the final trial weren't a little interactive. I was expecting to name the culprits as things started to heat up. (ala the ending of Lara Bow and the Dagger of Amon Ra, where you are tested on how much attention you've been paying to the plot by having you name who was involved in individual events or how they played out.) Though, I understand given the time limit why it didn't go this way.

All in all, a really wonderful and engaging story that left me wanting to see more. (and I see there's a prequel mentioned by other comments that I may have to check out ;) )

Great work to the whole team!

Thank you for the write-up and your feedback, we appreciate it!


Ohhh. The ending CG is so beautiful. What a lovely story and art TwT. 

P.S: That werewolf bod thooooo


Thanks so much for your comment! And yes, that bod is a team effort!! Quite literally!


Wolfskins Curse was a blast! 

The story was interesting. It has beautiful character art, backgrounds, and music. We noticed a couple of spelling mistakes, and one or two transitions tripped us up, but otherwise, this VN was incredibly well designed and as near to perfect as you can expect in this type of crunch. Considering the length of the story, a couple of mistakes are near nothing, credits to the editing team.

We were a bit confused by a scene near the end, but I think we were such big dorks on stream that we ended up confusing ourselves! Everything up to the confusion was easy to understand and hooked us in right away. We spent the entire playthrough pointing fingers at people, trying to guess the plot point.

We thought the game would be about an hour at the most, but we ended up playing for nearly three hours!!

We streamed with our voices because we like to interact with our stream as much as possible, but we recommend downloading so you can hear the actual voice actors!

You can find our playthrough here!

9.5/10 (We rated 5 stars.)

Thank you very much for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

We received some feedback on some awkward transitions in act 1, it would help the dev team very much if you pointed out which ones in particular. We are hoping to address those issues in an updated patch / release! 

Otherwise, if you don't mind us contacting you again after the game jam to sort out these details, please let us know! Have a happy Spooktober!


I was definitely excited to see a follow-up to one of my favorite O2A2 games!

Beautiful character art and backgrounds, with a compelling mystery. I only wish I could have stayed in the world longer and learned more about all the characters!

Thank you very much! I intentionally left some things open-ended due to the scope of this project and the inclusion of full voice acting. Thanks for understanding!


Just beat the game, and found your secret message in the datamined files. ;) Awesome game! The ending had me wanting more!

Our first dataminer!!

There's a few more secrets hidden in the files, and one in the code if you plan on digging further. We're very excited in our discord server, hehe. 

Thank you!! I actually left three secret messages in the game’s PNG files. See if you can find them all!


waaah this was fantastic!! I was really excited to see this game when I saw you working on :D 

and I don’t regret it, gosh what experience!! you and your team were amazing to bring such good story and amazing art!! it was so melancholy but it had some fun moments aaah it was everything! <333

and I loved so bad Ilona and Edwin such an amazing dynamic they have! :’D

Thank you very much! I'm very pleased that you checked it out!

I've also been following the development of Colorful Mirai: Spooky Edition and I've been watching ParaMas' stream of it! 

Hope to see more of it of myself and play through it once my wrist recovers!


This ending is the reason I have trust issues.

This is said with love- Screw you. You made me cry.

I see only one monster in this story and that is the person who made the ending. Pure evil.

XD All in all, good game, had fun trying to figure out alongside Ilona who did it. Am very happy with the experience even if this game is the very reason I'm UNhappy.

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Thank you for your comments 😅 

I'm glad you were able to enjoy it, somehow!

I was also wondering how the ending would resonate with people.  

If it's any consolation, I still have plans for some kind of continuation of this story — though of course I'm still incubating ideas for it. Not to mention there is now a larger cast that has also drawn the interest of the team in where or how we could continue with it. There's much to consider.

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Defnititely good luck, I will be happy keeping myself up to date with your released projects ^.^

Edit: Speaking of keeping up to date, any places I can find you guys online? Where should I look for you?

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I do most of the general twitter marketing on my main account @tamafries, so you can expect most of the news to come from here!

I still intend to do a long long twitter thread thanking everyone on the team (still physically and emotionally battered from September lol). Please do give them a follow - Jason / Helrouis worked hard to make sure the BGs were consistent, so his work deserves appreciation, for example. Potato was an excellent programmer with good habits, etc. There were a lot of talented people on the team. 

We're also looking into setting up email marketing and other strategies for fans to keep up to date on the game if there will be continuations or future projects!

Damn, thank you! Will keep all that in mind, have already followed you!


I played the first game and I was so happy when I saw you were working on this one!!!🥺🥰🙏

Ilona… I love her. She’s perfect!!! She caught my heart in the first, but in this one, she just owns me over😩👌 such an amazing girl with so much personality and strength. And then there's Edwin🥺🥺 omggg I'm so happy to finally meet him fjshfh look at that hottie!!!❤️

All the characters in this game are amazing. I had so much fun meeting them! Especially Kellac... 👀👌❤️

The story is rich and the writing is very clean.

The voice acting also stands out in so many scenes. It works perfectly.

And the art once again is beautiful and heartwarming❤️

I just want to add that the end got me good. I didn't expect it at all😭😭 but still, somehow, I felt happy for them😭❤️

Thank you for making this game happen!


Thank you very much for your wonderful comment! I’m very glad the game resonated with you!


The art was so beautiful, I fell in love with all the characters <3 Thank you for making this!

Thank you for playing!

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I read your first short-story visual novel, "the penitent" and I must say, I am absolutely DELIGHTED to hear you're making the sequel I was so desperate to see. Thank you. Though, forgive me, as I prefer to only play completed games, so I will be reading this when it is done.

Good luck, this has made my day, the first game genuinely pulled me in and had me loyaly invested for more <3

edit: screw it, can't wait, downloading and playing the incompleted version now.

NOOOOOO why isn't the download working T_T


Hey there! 

Our BG artist was incorrectly credited and I needed to fix something in the script to retain the spirit of the game. 

The new and corrected builds should be up now! Sorry for the delay.


I also forgot to mark this game as 'released', so that's been fixed now!


Oh, thanks for the response! No prob at all, hehe, am just so excited to play!!